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Welcome to Chefs Road - Your online fresh food shop


Chefs prepare their orders in advance using the platform. It makes it easier to adjust quantities and ordered products whenever menu changes or depending on client's consumption.

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Local producers

Receive notification for orders from the platform before the delivery to help them organize their harvest and delivery and optimize product freshness.

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Offer description

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Easy way to choose and switch between suppliers. The platform allows to compare products of different producers and decide the best one for your budget.

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Our Clients

About Us

Chefs Road is a web application that aims to bring consumers of fresh food especially restoration professionals closer to producers and farmers by getting rid of all intermediaries. This web platform is as an open food market where local producers are masters of their products by deciding at which price and what quantity to sell.

  • Provide restaurants chefs with top quality products at competitive prices
  • Help producers optimize logistics and harvest time to ensure products freshness
  • Global view of the local market with fair competition and all types of local products
  • Give farmers higher margins by cutting all intermediaries

Our Partners

We recruit for you best local producers of different types of products. All we aim is to make our customers satisfied and happy with all of our services.

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